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Cosmetic Tattoo Studio

Karen Green

Human Resource Leader turned Cosmetic Tattoo Studio Artist.

Karen Green Cosmetic Tattoo Studio Artist

Karen's long history of research and dedication to the industry shows in her gentle approach to the skin, aesthetics, and healed results.

Board Certified AAM, SPCP Member

Gold to Platinum Board Certified

Tattician American Academy Of Micropigmentation Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Studio

She earned her Cosmetic tattoo teaching certification in 2021 and has instructed over 100 students hands-on through academy training and 1-1 apprenticeships.


Karen is an absolute surgeon at what she does.

Certified Cosmetic Tattoo Studio Artist Karen Green

With 700+ procedures over the last five years, Karen's experience and technique development has been labeled as "industry changing".

What's a Tattician? ta/TISH/en

It's a tattoo artist + a beautician!

Micropigmentation, aka cosmetic tattooing, is the art and science of delicately placing pigment into the skin to create the illusion of makeup permanently, or long-lasting, and not temporarily like tinting and brow products.

What is microshading?

In the cosmetic tattooing industry, there are different ways to place the pigment into the skin. The specific technique I use to implant the colors into the skin is called microshading, not to be confused with microblading. Advanced microshading techniques are performed with a high-end tattoo machine, the same equipment used for traditional body art tattooing by world renowned artists. Microblading, however, uses a hand held tool and metal needles to CUT the pigment into the skin. This is painful and can cause scarring. And as much as the "right after" pics are so hair-like on IG, it doesn't translate into satisfactory healed results long term.

Microshading gently layers the color into the skin without causing unnecessary skin damage. Special pigments are made to fade gracefully, until you are ready for a color refresher, every few years!

My goals for you:

  • No heavy tattoo looks
  • No scarring
  • No cutting or blades
  • Minimal pain
  • No heavy scabbing
  • No bleeding

Color that is buildable, long-lasting, and adjustable! Remember, permanent makeup doesn't mean it replaces all your makeup. It's your best assistant! Go from a 15 minute brow routine to 90 seconds!